Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Favorite ED Pose

Part of the reason I love to do this blog is that it gives me pictures of Yren to look at when she can't be with me. I'm my own most frequent visitor! :-)

Next to the "box opening" pictures of Enchanted Dolls, I love "doll in hand" poses the best. It's such an intimate portrait of the relationship between an ED and her person. So today we tried a few; haven't arrived at the definitive portrait of Yren seated in my hand yet--I wanted to be holding her up--but still it's a nice picture to look at, I think. We can always try it again in the spring when we can be outside. These days it's getting down to zero degrees just before sunrise. [Note to self: Next time you try this shot, find a better background than that carpet!]


And this was edited  *trumpet fanfare* on my new monitor! It was kind of touchy there for a few minutes when it looked like the plug of its cable wasn't going to fit. But once I realized there was some sort of adaptor on it and removed it, then everything worked okay, thank heavens! 

I do love playing on the blog, and Yren likes it too, up to a point. When I've been playing with pictures and text too long, though, I hear her calling in a plaintive tone, "Don't we have more dresses to fit? And what about some shoes for me? I have no shoes at all! And if you don't feel like working right now, I still would like out of this box for awhile, you know!"

So I have to go now: you know where, and you know why.When an ED calls, she expects to be obeyed!


Annina said...

ah lovely!
i like these photos too, the one of Fern in Monika's hand was so beautiful and now Yren in yours!
i will take one like that of Idunn in my hand also! ♥

ms. noxy said...

Nothing wrong with that carpet! Good luck with your dresses and possible shoes for Yren! Hehe