Sunday, January 3, 2010

Favorite Portrait and a Painting Technique

I'm trying a few more shots of Yren in her Orchid dress... Have not got just the right full length one yet, but I liked this portrait. For some reason portraits are easier to do than the others.

In this picture you can see a certain painting technique of Marina's... Have you noticed how her dolls' eyes seem so realistic and dimensional, as if the doll was really seeing though them? Okay, look at her irises: see the lower white dot, the one that's a little larger than the other one? Now look directly under that dot, on the rim of her lower eyelids. See how there's a matching tiny white dot on the rim? It's nothing you can notice in real life, because the doll's face is so small, relatively; you get the beautiful effect without quite knowing how it's done.

I've spent enough time gazing at Yren to know that she is most beautiful in person, but I love to look at her portraits too because they reveal other dimensions of her beauty.


monika viktoria said...

This certainly is a most beautiful shot of her. You've really done well in these last few photoshoots... either you're discovering new things with the camera or she's actually getting more and more beautiful each day!!!

Annina said...

i agree with Monika, i'm loving your latest photos, you are getting the knack!

that's so interesting what you discovered in Yren's eyes. i checked Idunn's but she does not have a dot on the rim of her eyes, either Marina developed that later, or it is just a specific trick she uses for different expressions, i think the latter maybe. Yren does have this softness through her eyes, like they are shining.
Idunn has this kind of fierce look, and yet soft. ah well, it's so hard to describe these things isn't it. ;)