Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Glorious Back of the Dress

Yren says she wants to show off the back of her new "Cocktail Hour" gown from Miss Orchid Couture. But you know these ED girls--is it possible she doesn't suspect how it glorifies her lovely neck, back, and shoulders?

Miss Orchid certainly knows how to make the most of an Enchanted Doll's curves!

This is my first try at photography with a dark background. Elcatka takes such wonderful pictures of her beautiful Selena that way, Yren and I were eager to explore the interplay of  a black background with her flame red dress. The wall here is black, but she is sitting on a dark purple sheet of paper.

Yren says she feels like she is floating on a sunset cloud when she wears this gown. 


Annina said...

i'm loving all the photos on flickr, Ruth, it's always such a joy to see Yren, she is just so sweet.
the dress comes out beautifully with a dark background, and of course a great construction of Monika how it shows off Yren's beautiful shoulder blades. :)

monika viktoria said...

Yes, Yren has killer shoulder blades. And collar bones to die for, lol.

I'm so touched at all your help in showing off the gown, we were very silly to forget to do a photo shoot before sending it off... but I do say, I'm glad we forgot now, Yren's simply stunning in all these photographs!

I'm so glad to see her enjoying it :-D makes my day!!!

Paiva said...

Annina, I wish you would start a blog for yourself and Iðunn--it would be so fun to see her featured regularly in her own space.

And same for you, Monika--I love your LLW blog so you'll just have to create *another* blog, all Fern all the time.

It's fun to put things on the forum too, but with a blog there's a wonderful sense of freedom to indulge yourself... :-)