Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Day for Yren

Heave a sympathetic sigh for a long-suffering Enchanted Doll. Yren has had no fun at all today: she spent it all in unsatisfactory dress fittings.

What are fittings like? Being carried back and forth, endlessly, from box to worktable and back again until she's dizzy and weary too. First the bright lights in her eyes on the worktable, then back to the box again, sans wig, sans covering, sans everything. Fortunately she had her favorite dog Mystery right next to her pillow, and her cozy comforter to rest on--thank Heavens for Noxy sending them to her or she'd have been completely miserable.

Worst of all, no pretty dress at the end of it! Woe is she!

So the least I could do is give her one of the watercolor make-overs she likes so much, and take her picture for a new forum avatar. That cheers her up. So here she is with fresh make-up, and gently but miserably plopped in her box.


monika viktoria said...

LOVE the new makeover!!

The dress looks like it'll be pretty once fitted :-)

ms. noxy said...

Aww Yren. I'm sure your dresses will come out beautifully! I'm so glad you enjoy your bedding and puppy. Mystery is a lovely name! Hehe. And Ruth, your new ED Forum icon is BEAUTIFUL. <3