Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh For A Monitor New and True

So I finally had a chance to look at this last picture of Yren on a different monitor. The picture I was so proud of. The picture I thought turned out just right, with the dark background and the cool purple floor.

My monitor at home is old; the whole computer is old. We bought it for my daughter to take to college with her in 2002. We keep beefing up the memory, video card, etc, but you can't beef up this old schlep-top monitor. It displays dark.

So what happens is, I upload pictures from my camera and they look a certain way, and I might tweak them a bit with Picture Manager, but I don't know exactly what they look like until I see them on another monitor, such as on my PC at work.Sometimes they look a little better, this time they look a lot worse.

So now I feel like I've gone all day with my slip showing. No, this is the Internet: I feel like I've been on a trip around the world with a piece of asparagus stuck in my teeth. I was too busy at work to look in on that pic, and there it is looking goofy. Sigh.

Well, this will teach me to save my posts as drafts and not publish them until I have a look at them at work. Fortunately, Emily is giving us a monitor she doesn't need, a practically new one. In fact, it's sitting right here, but I can't hook it up until she sends the power cord, which she forgot to bring.

Bye. I'm headed over to Flickr to push the delete button a few times.

Update 1/16/2010: I decided to drop this picture in, to give myself something else to look at. It has passed the second-monitor test. This was fun because it was an accidental pose--Yren just more or less put her hands that way herself. And people wonder why we think these dolls are real!


ms. noxy said...

Don't delete! Pictures of Yren are perfect no matter what! Please don't delete them. If anything, keep them there to show how different your pictures turn out now than they did before Emily gives you a monitor.

Paiva said...

You are so nice, you make me feel better, Noxy. I just deleted it off the Enchanted Group, and left it on my own photostream.

I remember someone saying they used hunks of colored mat board for backgrounds; maybe when it goes 50% off at Hobby Lobby I'll get some.

monika viktoria said...

I almost had a heart attack. Either my monitor's just as bad as yours, or I don't know, because I liked all the photographs from the recent "dark" set!
What was wrong? :-( Don't feel bad, goofy photo's are fine :-D

aneemal said...

That's an adorable picture, the new one! She looks like you caught her unawares! I like how her hands are placed and the background is cute!

I love reading your blog, even if no always leaving a comment, I thought this time I should let you know how wonderful your photographs are! They are a delight for those without their own little porcelain pixie!

Please don't delete, only add!!!!!!!! xxx

Annina said...

ooh this new picture you added is soooo lovely, you know i love any photo of Yren!
her hand pose is really ladylike, *hearts*!