Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aneemal's Drawing: "Yren's Dream"

Another look at the magnificent drawing that Aneemal did of Yren... We are so thrilled! A copy is going in her scrapbook, but the original will be carefully framed and preserved.

Amal writes, "The drawing was inspired by Yren's backstory... the sea, shipwrecks, being lost at sea. The dress is a bit like the one you made from Biscuitbear's pattern. I didn't want Yren to look distraught... it's a dream, not a nightmare and the jellyfish are there to comfort her. I think the way her dress is billowing around her, she looks like a jellyfish."

It's just a marvel to look at up close: perfect curling curves, fine-grained lines aligning, the sense of volume that silly frilly nothings like floaty dresses and flirty jellyfish might nonetheless possess--see, I wander off into its world when I gaze at it.


aneemal said...

Wow! This must be the first time anyone's ever quoted me in writing!! Hehe,... I feel so famous and important! *puffs out chest*

No, but seriously, I'm over the moon that you and Yren are happy. I think you are both terrific!! ^_^ <3

Annina said...

that drawing of Yren is really amazing, Amal you should take ED-portrait commissions!!

Astera said...

wow, that's wonderfully evocative! it reminds me of the last scene in "Shakespeare in love", when Viola falls in the ocean and lands on a desert beach...or at least she does so in William's imagination as he writes the incipit of the "Twelfth Night". :)