Monday, February 1, 2010

Even a Doll Needs a Shopping Cart

Here are some of the shots I took for the January Photo Project on the ED Forum. The session went pretty well, since it was high noon and very sunny that day--the brighter the better, I'm slowly figuring out.

The shopping cart was a fun find... There's a retro candy store downtown, and I saw this yellow shopping cart in the window. The owner has dozens of vintage toys around for display, but those of us who'd love to buy them from her already know they aren't for sale. They're just for lookin' at.

But hey, it didn't hurt to ask, so I asked: "Debbie, you wouldn't consider selling me that cute shopping cart, would you?" She tilted her head, gazing at it, then said finally, "You come in some time with ten dollars, and it's yours." Well! I didn't wait for her to change her mind! I said, "I have ten dollars right now!" and we traded on the spot.

I thought it would be the perfect size for Yren, and sure enough it is. The parts even move--the back of the cart lifts forward, and the bottom rack lifts up. If I were talented at making foodstuffs with polymer clay, I'd make some to put in the cart. Maybe a big baguette, and some fruit, and a box of teensy chocolates... But since I'm all thumbs with polymer clay, we're shopping at fabric stores instead.


ms. noxy said...

I ADORE that shopping cart! A few years ago, one of my favorite stores to wander had a couple of mini carts... and thinking back, I bet one would have been the right scale for EDs! Oh how I wish that store was still around. I never forgot about those carts, because I wanted one back then even if I didn't need one! lol.

Polymer clay food stuffs to stick in Yren's new cart you say? Mayple mentioned wanting food stuffs too... Hmmm... *ponders* mayhaps a project to do after my contest entry! Weeee! :)

aneemal said...

Dear noxy, you should open up an ED-scale supermarket for polymer clay food!

Ruth, I like Yren's delicate dress and her *sweet* makeover!

monika viktoria said...

I found this website that makes miniatures and they had all sorts of boxes and cans of food - but they were dollhouse scale, so I tink too small for ED's.

Love this entry Ruth, such such such a cute idea!!!!