Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Present from a Stranger

I was leaving work one night, just at twilight, following my usual path down the street to my lot. But at the insistence of the talking pedestrian lights ("Walk light is on across Cedar! Cedar!") I crossed where I don't normally cross and saw a little antique store I don't normally see....

I paused a moment in the warm light of the window, admiring a tray of vintage costume jewelry beautifully arranged. My eye went straight to a tiny little butterfly pin, just the right size for Yren's hair. The storekeeper was just closing up, but she kindly invited me in anyway.

      "I won't keep you now," I told her, "but tomorrow I will come back and buy that sweet little butterfly pin."

      "Which one do you mean?" she asked, smiling. I pointed it out; she promptly reached out for it and put it into my hand.

      "I want you to have it as a present," she said. "It's yours."

Yren likes it very much. Here she is with it in her hair; I think it would look pretty higher up on her head, but I don't want to pierce her wig cap with the pin, so she wears it a little lower. Now that I have this picture up, I'm going to print it to show to the storekeeper.


aneemal said...

It really is as if it was made for her!

monika viktoria said...

Awwww...that is so sweet. I love hearing stories of kindly strangers and lovely acts of warmth :-)
Pretty little Yren, she attracts lovely people, doesn't she??? :-)

Annina said...

awwww all i can do is "aww", what a lovely store owner to give you it as a present! ♥
such a sweet story!