Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Sneak Peek

Just for fun, when I posted that glorious picture of all the silver ED shoes, I invited people to guess which ones were Yren's. Back then I said the answer would be revealed only when they arrived--but I can't wait anymore, I'm too excited! Because Marina has used Yren's shoes in a pic again!

Okay, NOW guess which ones are Yren's!


monika viktoria said...

Oh.. um... oh I think this is a trick question..... um.... :-P !!

Kirsten said...

I absolutely loved the black ribboned high heels in Marina's photo! I'm so glad you are getting them. Yren will make them look fabulous (not that they already aren't).

undermytree said...

i can't wait til Yren gets them, she will look great with them! i also look forward to hear how it is to pose her on the stand in them, i wonder if it is difficult. i guess it needs some getting used to.