Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paige's Lovely Jewelry

 I thought I had taken the measure
of my Enchanted Doll's beauty
having seen her in every light,
every different shadow
of sunlight or green leaf or brown leaf,
playing lightly on every angle
of her darling face;
draped in every color;
cool light, warm light;
gazing at me, gazing away;
resting in my hand, confidingly;
I, her protector, guardian,
first love and friend, thought
I knew her every look.

But today when her necklace,
like dancing tears embraced her,
and her earrings delicately shone,
I saw more than jewels there:
I saw beauty I had not known.


undermytree said...

that poem you wrote is so lovely Ruth and so true, i also felt Idunn's beauty enhanced by Paige's jewelry, it's wonderful.
i love that about ED's also, that they are in a way ever "becoming", we can see a new side of them each new day!

Paige said...

Thank you so much. I'm really touched that you felt my work brought out something in your beautiful doll. It's been interesting to design for another artist work. Humbling, exciting and difficult but I have loved it. Thank you for your help. You ladies have been a blessing to me. Paige