Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crochet Pattern for Yren's Little Dahlia Hat

Annina wrote that she liked Yren's red crocheted hat, so I'm making some like it to send to her beautiful Enchanted Doll, Iðunn. I call them "Dahlia Hats" because when you look at them from the top, the loops  seem to spiral out from the center like dahlia quilts. (You thought I was going to say "like dahlias", didn't you? But I know quilt patterns better than flowers.)

So anyway, here are the directions in case anyone else wants to make some. These instructions are for size 20 thread and a size 11 hook. My favorite thread is Lizbeth because it comes in pretty colors and varigations, it handles beautifully, and it comes on small spools so you don't have to buy more than you need. I find mine at Hobby Lobby.

1. Chain 7 and join to form a ring.
2. Chain 1, 12 sc in ring, join.
3. *Chain 5, sc*  in each sc around (13 "petals")
4. *Chain 5, sc* in first chain-5 loop and in each loop around; no need to join, but put a marker in so you can see where the round ends.
5. Continue working chain-5, sc in each loop around until you have worked 8 rounds, counting the petals from #3.
6. For the hat band, 4 sc in each loop around; join. Chain 1 and turn.
7. Sc in each sc around; try on doll to see if you want a third row on the band; otherwise, finish off and weave in thread ends.

These are meant to come out a little smaller than Yren's, since her head seems to be larger than other ED's. Hers were made with DMC Cebelia thread, which is thicker; I make 12 petals at step 3; crochet seven rounds instead of eight, and put three rows of single crochet for the band. But once I publish this post, I'm going to make her one with the LizBeth thread and make it come out a little bigger around.

Update: I like Monika Viktoria's idea of sewing tiny flowers to the brim! That would look very sweet. I had thought of making a little fabric flower with a yo-yo and a tiny button center to put on one side of the hat. Threading beads on the crochet thread or sewing them on separately is a pretty look too. (Y'all know what I mean by a yoyo? I'm not sure that's an international concept! Anyway, here's an example.)


ms. noxy said...

Oh how lovely! I can't do much as far as crocheting, but it's still very nice of you to share! lol. Ooo! This must mean Iðunn will have photos of herself in these hats! Yay more ED photos!! *waves at Yren in the back*

aneemal said...

Oooh, lucky Iðuun! These are really pretty and cool 8) Wish I could give it a go too!

monika viktoria said...

Oooh yren... look at all those little hats! One for every occasion!! You know what would be sweet? If you found some tiny flowers to sew onto the brims.... :-)

Anonymous said...

oh they are so pretty Ruth, Iðunn is so excited to soon be wearing her very own Dahlia hat! and aww that's nice of you to share the pattern, i might have to try some time, and then i'd have a model to look at and see how it's supposed to turn out.

and Noxy, yes there will definitely be pictures of Iðunn in her hat, i reckon she will want to put it on right away and go outside to find the first signs of spring! :)

Paiva said...

Annina, you'll have to post at least four pictures of Iðunn--the teal, red, brown, and ecru hats in the picture are all hers.

I just put my iPod in its dock and listened to PRI's "Selected Shorts" actors read stories to me... I can crochet forever if somebody reads to me. :-D

Anonymous said...

oh my, Ruth, how generous of you, we're getting all giddy! :D
we will have a hat-photoshoot when they arrive!

i'm a little slow with my gift to Yren, i had another little idea but have to see if it'll work. i'll write you when i'm done and need your address! :)

catherine said...

Precious! It can be a Chignon Cover for Ballet.