Friday, March 26, 2010

I didn't know you could do that!

Watch Noxy--you can learn way cool things from her.

I wanted to show everyone the neat wallpaper she made for me, and stupidly thought I'd have to take a picture of the whole computer... But then I was just over at Noxy's place checking out her new post, and there were these great pics of her wallpaper--obviously not photos.

*gaping jaws* It never occured to me to just take a *screen shot* of it! Never a "duh" moment with me around!

So I am doubly indebted to Noxy for this image, both the original and the reproduction! When I'm on my other work computer, I'll post the other one. Cute cute cute.


monika viktoria said...

so cute - I'm having "screen shot" issues too. My laptop doesn't have the "print screen" button in the top right corner of the keyboard, and that was the only was I knew how to do that!!!

ms. noxy said...

Oh yay! I helped! *jig* You have such few icons! I think I go overboard with mine. lol. :D

monika, on some of the laptops I've encountered, the prnt scrn button is often sharing another button, and so I would have to hold down fn + whatever-button-prnt-scrn-is-sharing. Could it be the same for you? :)