Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning to make cool earrings!

Tonight I went over to a class at our amazing local bead shop where a very encouraging and patient young woman named Jenna taught me the basics of making wire jewelry. She showed me how to make eye pins, and twisted eye pins, and coiled pins, and hook ear-wires, and how to put the beads on them and attach them together... Now have I told you enough for you to guess why I wanted to learn all these things?

I sense that you are absolutely right: Yren wants more earrings! For now she is resigned to them being a mere beginner's effort, but she will make me practice and practice and never quite give up on me so long as I'm producing little bits of wonderment to decorate her ears.

The first pair is already done! Didn't even wait to have dinner first, just got busy with the wire and the tools Jenna recommended and we were off to the races! Now they are in her ears, and though they aren't perfect, and the bead I used is a little too big, still Yren manages to look ravishing in them.

Picture tomorrow when the sun is out again!

Okay--picture now in spite of the light being bad. I see one of the bottom loops needs adjustment.  Hee hee, I know how to do it! I have new tools! I have spools of shiny wire! I have beads beads beads, mostly unsuitable! I don't want to do my homework for class tomorrow, I want to make more earrings!

But I'll be sensible and do my homework, so long as Yren promises to stay pretty, which she does.


ms. noxy said...

Aw I love that picture of her! she looks so sweet. Those earrings look great!

monika viktoria said...

oh sooooo cool! What a good lass for helping you with all the little tools and the tricks and tips.... I can't wait to get s better peek at them~!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I guess I didn't mention it was an actual class that I signed up for! It was indeed, and I'm going to take more classes there too.

Paige said...

Great earrings, they are really lovely. I get my beads from www.artbeads.com. Always free shipping, no minimum order. Woo Hoo. lot's of beautiful 3mm and 2.5mm beads.