Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Blonde Yren--Short This Time

This is another of Yren's new wigs--"Johnny" from Monique.
It's the first size 4/5 I've bought for her and
it fits her just perfectly. So now I'm excited
because Marcia at Facets has lots and lots of size 4/5 wigs!
The necklace in this picture is the one that PaigeViolet made
and that Yren is lucky enough to be the model for.
Paige offered to lengthen it and send it back for Yren to keep--
which is very kind of her, since she really
had already found out all she
 needed to know about
ED sizing.
I hope PaigeViolet decides to make ED jewelry for sale
because Yren really wants one of those lovely crowns.

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monika viktoria said...

Yren's amazing as a blonde! ps. if you want to put the surprise I emailed you up, feel free ^_^