Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Fun with Photos, Thanks to Noxy!

Noxy told me about this great (free) photo-editing site in her comment to my last post. Wow, is it fun! I'm going to post some pictures here as I try out some different things. This one is "1960" effect with a "Poloroid" frame.It does look much browner than the original picture, and a little softer. Looks like it's straight out of a Clairol ("The closer he gets, the better you look") hair dye ad to me.


Adjustable Threshold for black and white. Has kind of a hand-tinted look that I liked. I switched my forum avatar to this one, thinking the greater contrast would make it pop better in the small avatar size.

I just love this one. Enchanted Dolls look so perfect and complete nude, it's a wonder I ever finish any clothes for Yren at all. Especially since I seem to be all thumbs lately. This effect flattens her out against the background, makes her seem more a part of it than the original.


If I leave Yren sitting on my work table, I never get anything else done! All I see is her.  I found this chair in an antique store; even though it's a little big for her, I like to have her sit in it because it's sturdier than all her other ones.

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ms. noxy said...

Glad to see you like picnik! I have fun on that site. Heee. I love the third picture down. Then again, I love all Yren's pictures. :D