Sunday, March 7, 2010

Playing with Pictures


Just discovered new photo formatting options on Word 2007! Fun, although pathetic that Word is all I have to work with. :-(

I'm still trying to get the "doll in hand" portrait right, and this is not it. I'll try again another day, when my husband, who gets recruited for photographing duties, has a fresh supply of patience. Changing backgrounds and chasing stray hairs has about depleted it for today.


ms. noxy said...

Aww I love pics of Yren. heeeee.

Oo! I have a rather crappy photo editor... but I've been trying to get used to a site called picnik:

It has some great basic editing and effects tools. Not all of them are available for free, (some are "premium" thingers) but what it does offer for free is pretty great! It can even save in high quality jpg! (Something I can't do in paint) FYI: if you play around on it, to save the photo you play with, be sure to add a .jpg to what you want to name it. That is, if you save it as a jpg. lol :)

Annina said...

hehe they just love to hold our little fingers don't they!
i love how paperwhite Yren looks in your hand. i still haven't taken more in hand photos of Idunn, want to do that soon!