Monday, March 8, 2010

Guess Which Shoes are Yren's!

It's always an exciting day when you get an email from Marina... And even more so when she tells you that your ED's amazing shoes are on the way!

Here's a picture from her blog... Some people already know which ones are Yren's, but you're welcome to guess or to say which are your favorites!

My second-favorites, after Yren's, are the silver ones with red ribbons. But I love all of them.


aneemal said...

ooh ooh, which ones, which ones?!?! I love them all!

eiko82 said...

My favourite ones are the stiletto's with purple ribbons.

I'm guessing that Yren's are the Roccoco shoes or stilettos with black ribbon.

monika viktoria said...

I know which ones they are..... they haughtiest most sultry high-end-fashion ones there ;-)

Fern put through an order two.. but her shoes aren't there... she must have been slotted in with the next round.... or her order was SO BORING that marina left them out of the 'colourful' shot, LOL

*whimper* heeeee!!! I feel like I should have asked for a green pair now ;-)

Annina said...

aah Yren would look lovely in any of them, but i'm guessing, are the lilac ones hers?

Paiva said...

Monika, of course Fern's shoes will be wonderful! Marina probably didn't put them in the picture because then everyone would want to change their orders!

Hee hee, good guesses everyone... The purple ribbons would indeed look good with Yren's lavender flower dress. I hope they arrive soon so that we can reveal Yren's True Shoes by showing them on her!

aneemal said...

Ok, I think they're the gold with blue, or silver with red! Definitely!! :p