Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yren's Yrings--and a new wig too!

I got to work on only one more pair of earrings, since we headed north for the weekend and are only just returned. So here they are, and lots of fun to do they were. The bottoms are coiled wire with a 4 mm crystal above it. Haven't been able to find any 3 mm ones at any shops; fortunately they're not hard to find online.

Yes, that is still another crocheted cloche hat. I wanted to see how the variegated thread made up.

I'm excited about learning to make bead and wire jewelry, especially wire wrapping, because it's so fun to do. Fortunately my local shop offers lots more classes.
Our wigs from "Facets by Marcia" arrived Friday. She has very fast service! The Alexis one works pretty well for Yren, though probably if it came in size 4 1/2 that would fit her better than 4/5. At the same time we ordered a "Faith" wig, and that isn't going to work at all. Too bad, because the color is really nice.

Medium-dark hair looks best on Yren because her brows and lashes aren't black, as they would have to be, I think, in order to look really good with black hair. If you look carefully at Yren's long dark wig (the one she usually wears) you'll see that Marina blended in some lighter, reddish hair in the front near her face. I think that was so ingenious--it looks so good that way.


monika viktoria said...

Your portrait shots of yren are so professional and elegant. The grey background really works for these dolls... fern looks great infront of silvery colours too....
That bottom shot is just soooo lovely

ms. noxy said...

That first pic of Yren in that too cute hat and those awesome earrings is adorable! I loves it! And that second shot looks so sweet. Yren really does look nice in short hair.