Friday, April 23, 2010

Early Dreams of Enchanted Dolls

My father often said there was nothing in the world so boring as listening to somebody talk about their dreams. So if you feel the same--and so do I, very often--you'll want to skip this post!

Long before I ever heard of Enchanted Dolls, I had a dream that expressed my deep wish for a certain kind of doll... Next morning I wrote it down so that I would never forget it, and it has remained special to me all this time. I'm reproducing it here so as not to lose it again--it took me a long time to discover where I'd written it down! It really should be edited for wordiness and excessive length, but then on the other hand, I don't want to lose any of the detail or alter what was recorded immediately after the experience.

A few days later, I had another doll dream, and that is here too.
June 3, 2003

....Now for the dream: Ray and I were at a shopping complex; I was looking around in a beautiful craft and collectibles kind of store while Ray was arranging some kind of financial investment in another place close by. I saw an appealing doll, displayed in a stand on a shelf. She was a lady-doll, about 14 inches long, made of wood, with straight dark hair, shoulder length. She had a pretty face with a pleasing smile and eyes that looked right at me. She had a tall, slender figure and a small waist. She was wearing a long, deep red, prairie-style dress with long sleeves.

I picked her up to see her better; her cost was $18—-not inexpensive, but not more than I could easily afford, either. I had a $20 bill. I held her gently by the waist. There was something special about her: she could move and change expressions, smile, laugh, hold out her arms, gesture—all on her own. The salesperson told me that the doll would bond with me; she would bond to her owner and no one else.

Another woman near by was waiting eagerly for me to put the doll down so that she could buy her, but I walked quickly away from her with the doll still in my hands, determined to buy her myself. I began to feel guilty for being rude to the woman, so I looked for her to offer to let her look at the doll, though not hold her or buy her. But I didn't recognize the woman among the others in the store.

As I walked around and waited for Ray, the doll bonded with me, and I realized she was precious to me. Every few minutes she would communicate with me, through her face and arms, that she knew what I was thinking and feeling. Then the doll revealed that she could, for a short time, turn into a kitten, which I could hold and pet. When Ray found me, I explained to him that I wanted to buy this doll, and that it would sometimes turn into a kitten, but he refused to let me have a cat in the house, since he is allergic to them and we don't want another pet anyway.

But that was a problem: the doll had already bonded with me and couldn't be sold to anyone else—I couldn't refuse to buy her now, and I still wanted her very much. So I explained the problem to the sales lady; she said not to worry, that the transformation must always begin with the doll, and that she could change into some other animal that wouldn't bother Ray—a snail or a goldfish or something else. So I told Ray, very firmly, that I intended to buy the doll and that she need not turn into a kitten and bother him. Then, I told him that if he would not let me buy the doll, I would open a new checking account in my name only, have my paycheck deposited to it, not give him access to it, and mess up the financial arrangements he was making. I knew while saying it that I wouldn't have to follow through on the threat, that I would buy the doll and bring her home.

When I woke up, I enjoyed telling Ray the dream and asked him if he knew what the moral of the story was. He said, "Yes—don't look at dolls!" I said, "No, the moral is, 'Let me have my way!'"

June 17, 2003

Oddly enough, I had another live doll dream last night. Just a brief one, which seemed to refer to the last one. I was holding and looking at a pretty little doll, blonde and smiling, and noticing how she reacted to me. I had said something that was good news to her, that made her laugh and smile, and I thought, "Well, dolls must be alive, because she couldn't laugh and smile like this unless she were alive." What was happening in the dream? I was making her happy, and she was reacting to me, and so making plain that something in doubt was actually true. As in the other dream, the doll had a pretty smile and expression and was looking straight at me--seeing, not unseeing.

This time it was not a question of purchasing or possessing the doll; she was already mine.


monika viktoria said...

Ruth, how incredible!!! What a pair of dreams...or rather.... premonitions! The first one seems to describe Yren perfectlty.... long before she ever existed or before you'd seen marina's work... how eerie! I can't believe you hadn't shared this till now! I wonder if the second dream is a premonition of Yren's future sister :-)

Paiva said...

Yren's future sister--what a lovely thought, Monika! That hadn't even occurred to me. I would like a blonde girl to contrast with Yren.

Sometimes I think of making a red prairie-style dress like that for Yren to wear... :-)

monika viktoria said...

I don't know what a prairie style dress is (I just imagine the pictures in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books)

Yren seems more like a contemporary gal ;-) But she seems to take to dress-ups too!