Saturday, April 17, 2010

Presents from Annina!

At last Yren and I have been able to take some pictures of her with the beautiful knitted gifts we just received from Annina in Sweden. We both agree that one of the most marvelous things about Enchanted Dolls (Yren modestly admits it) is that they bring people from all over the world together in friendship. Yren has had gifts and mementos from Ireland, France, Australia, England, and Sweden, as well as from Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, and Florida here in the United States. And we love to send gifts to other people too.

We had to stay inside for pictures today because even though it is sunny out, it's very cold. Here she is with a very clever knitted collar-style scarf in her favorite color. To close it, Annina used a special Rainbow Moonstone bead that came from a necklace. 

The stitches in this lovely scarf are so tiny, I just can't imagine how she managed to knit them with human-size fingers! Maybe Iðunn is really the one who knits them in secret. If the word got out, then everyone would want Marina to make them a knitting ED too.

After we were done taking pictures I left Yren on the work table while I went to tidy up after us... She says she finds knitting very soothing and fun to do already--even though the hardest parts of this knitting set have already been done by Annina. (Or by Iðunn, if our theory is correct!) Yren often sees me knitting--or struggling to knit, as I'm just a beginner--and I think she feels fairly certain she can do a better job of it than I. Well, I'll give her all the thread she wants! But she'll have to get vastly better at it than I am to come close to the lovely things that came to her from Sweden!

Thank you, Annina!


aneemal said...

Pretty Yren + pretty knits = lovely pics :)

undermytree said...

awww yay, you took such lovely pictures of Yren with her gifts, i'm very happy that she likes them! it's so much fun to send and receive gifts with other ED fans all over the world, we really have a special connection like that! :)

when i was knitting these gifts, overnight i did sometimes notice how there were more rows than when i last stopped, so i do think that Iðunn had her hands in it, hehe! now if she could sew too that would be so great, because sewing isn't really my forte. ;)

really lovely pictures, i will save them to my ED folder if that's ok, and we're so glad you liked everything! ♥
~Annina and little knitter Iðunn

Anonymous said...

Annina and Idunn are certainly very clever knitters! We have a matching cream scarf from her, too.... All our girls can be scarf buddies.... except that it's about to heat up for your girls... but they'll come in handy for us here with winter on it's way!!!

Yren's looking fantastic these days, I like the pastel colours for her, that top photo is just scrumptious!!!!

Anonymous said...

*aherm* sorry my loves, I should let you know that it was me who left that comment!!

~monika & fern

Anonymous said...

That's okay, Monika, I knew it was you because I'd seen Fern's pic with the cream scarf! :-)