Monday, April 5, 2010

She Wanted Hoops

I made Yren a pair of red earrings to wear with her red gown and flaxen wig and red lipstick. Then she said she wanted hoops too. Hoops! I don't know how to make hoop earrings. But Yren has a strategy for getting her own way: she invites me to imagine what she'd look like with whatever it is she wants. And once I had pictured her in hoop earrings, I had to try them.

I'm going to keep making little tiny pairs of earrings and whatever else seems do-able in order to practice the basic wire techniques. Then I'm going back to the bead shop for an intermediate class, and the basic stringing class too. Yren does not protest--she thinks it's a fine idea. The more I learn, the more things she can picture herself wearing!

I like this pink fluffy stuff she's wrapped in. Emily and I went to Hobby Lobby today and there was a hunk of this in the remnant section. I thought it could be a winter coat or a stole for her, so it didn't matter that it's only about 6 inches wide. But now that we've seen how nice it is, Yren would like some bedding made of it... Maybe one of the other fabric stores in town has more. I hope so!

PS: When these photographs get blown up to large size I sure can see my mistakes excellently well. Sigh. Two new tools needed: round-nose pliers with smaller tips, and a magnifying visor with stronger lenses. 


monika viktoria said...

I think they look fantastic! I can't wait to see how you got the mechanics of the hoops down!

ms. noxy said...

I love that first pic! Of COURSE she wants hoops! She looks lovely in them! The red earrings are cute too. And that fabric is so pretty! When you say bedding, do you mean a bed? A nice blanket and some pillows? It looks so soft, I can't wait to see if you're able to find more!

undermytree said...

you're getting really good at these Yrings, even hoops, wow!
loving her lipstick too, she is just a real lady!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, beautiful commentor friends! It is such a joy to post about my girl, but you treble the joy.

Woo-woo, I just tried hammering some wire to see if it would flatten out, so as to make cooler hoops, and it does! Metal really is malleable, just like they said in high school!

So then it seemed like a good idea to flatten it with the natural curve of the wire, and it became evident one can fail to flatten it evenly... But still, the idea worked.

Noxy, I'm thinking she needs a blanket of it. Today my daughter and I went to T J Maxx and there we actually saw blankets made with this stuff in different colors! I think they were baby blankets or throws. They were lined with some silky stuff. Yummmmm. It would look pretty with the comforter and pillow you gave her, which she *always* sleeps on! She would have a major fit with me if I didn't lay her down on them without fail. Em and I are hoping to do some more shopping Thurs or Fri; with luck we can find some more. ~Ruth