Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweet Things from Monika Viktoria

You remember when Monika liked Yren in her blonde wig so much that she painted her portrait?  Well, as you might expect, Yren just had to have the original of that painting. I understood completely, and secretly felt the same way, but I wouldn't confess it to Yren. Better that she should think I'm indulging her once again.

So we went to Monika's lovely etsy store and bought it. Yesterday it arrived, all beautifully wrapped in silver paper and tied with ribbon, and like Yren herself it is even more beautiful in person....But there were more treats in store for us! Turns out, Monika had promised herself that whoever should be her first etsy customer would receive extra lovelies from her to celebrate and she was just waiting to see who that would be. And it was us! Yren and me!

That's how we came to be the proud owners of that wonderful side poof skirt and that sweet button made with one of her early, very special, drawings.

With Spring in the world and new clothes and a pretty portrait Yren is feeling on top of the world! And the toppest top of the world seems to be this little hill covered with violets in our back yard, so that's where we went to take pictures. It's a little overcast today, so we had a slightly easier time than yesterday in the evening sun, but I think even more overcast would have been good...Silvery clouds smooth all the harsh lights away... But she did love being out in the sunshine... I caught her just relaxing, too. Benny found the violets and she wanted to just lie there for awhile. But she can't stay there long, for it looks like rain soon....

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monika viktoria said...

Good thing she came out to view the violets today, I see that the rain you predicted did arrive after all!

We are of course, delighted that you both love the gifts.
I think the skirt looks good.. a bit strange - a bit high couture - but that was the point. Walking is not the point - as I well know, I call the one I own my "hobble skirt" ;-)