Friday, April 2, 2010

Yren's new "Side Poof" Skirt

It's almost 8 o'clock here in the Midwest on this early spring evening. The sun is deep, long shadows are falling. Yren is climbing down off her stand in eagerness to show you that the forsythia bush started blooming just today, and that she has a way cool new skirt from Monika Viktoria.

What, a package from Monika Viktoria? Yes! And tomorrow you shall see and hear all. For the moment, Yren is enjoying the warm colors of the sunset and the balmy breeze and the fact that she looks like a little miniature Monika, who told us that she wears skirts like this to her work at the jewelry store. We think it is ingenious and therefore suspect that Miss Orchid may have had a hand in it. Till tomorrow!


ms. noxy said...

What a gorgeous picture! I love the skirt! It's lovely!

monika viktoria said...

It's most certainly a Miss Orchid prototype :-) Yren got the first one!! We had just finished it when we were sending you the package, and thought why not? slipped it in :-)

Anonymous said...

such a beautiful skirt, very cool, and it's perfect for Yren. that miss Orchid has magic hands! :)