Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yren at Times Square

Springtime in Our Town: Sunny and beautiful all week long, then rain rain rain all weekend! Yren and I have not been able to go out for photosessions among the buttercups, poppies, and lilacs. We actually tried the lilacs after lunch, but they were still dripping and bowed down with rain.

So instead we followed our forum friends to Photofunia (thank you, Eiko!) and played with the pictures we do have to visit Times Square and anywhere else our imaginations can take us. If only there was a Photofunia pic with lilacs!


ms. noxy said...

ooo so many pretty pictures! I think my faves probably have to be the last two! I loooove that Vogue cover. :D

Iuri said...

photofunia is not so bad. Just try Picjoke.comm they have some awesome effects also.