Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Dream of Renny with the Light Brown Hair

...floating like a vapor on the summer air. I hear her melodies like days gone by, sighing 'round my heart like the fond hopes that die..."

Well, she doesn't exactly have light brown hair, it's actually light red, but I do like that song.

I have been thinking a great deal lately about Yren's red wig. For a long time now I have preferred her dark one, first because my original idea was for her to be dark-haired and second because I liked the hairline of the dark one better. The way her red one fits, it gives her a much higher forehead and I think she looks prettier with a little bit lower one.

But for this set of pictures, I tilted the wig a little forward and I do think she looks very pretty in it. My sister says you can tell that her face was painted especially for that color of wig. There might just be a way I can anchor the wig so it will fit more forward all the time.

Will have to study a bit to find good lip colors for her. The one she's wearing in this picture is on the violet side. I've seen fashion pictures of redheads with violetish lip color and like it very much, but when I try it on Yren I'm not so sure. I try brownish/gold on her here. Requires more thought and experimentation...


Terri said...

Hi Ruth - you might try a wig cap. Look here:

undermytree said...

aww Yren is lovely in her bikini enjoying the summer!
i don't know much about lip colours, but i think i want to finally try out colour on Iðunn's face, i think i will try changing the eyes.