Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Vacation

We're off on Summer Vacation 2010, headed to the place so great they named it twice. That's right--we're going to Paw Paw.

No, just kidding, we're going to to New York, NY to visit my daughter. We have serious shopping to do at the Strand and maybe the fabric stores in the fashion district and definitely Kinokuniya. As for the boys--well, they are going to visit the new Lego store at Rockefeller Plaza and play with remote control boats at Central Park and I don't know what all.

Yren is not accompanying the expedition--she has gone to visit some friends of mine who are giving her their guest room. We brought her most comfortable chair along, plus her knitting, so she can sit placidly and watch the birds at the feeders outside her window. I could tell she felt perfectly at ease with these friends and content to bide with them awhile--she must have felt they admired her sufficiently.

Now I must go and finish packing!


monika viktoria said...

I think it's cute that Yren gets to visit and stay with friends when you're away - not so for poor fern. She got stuffed back into her box and hidden in some dark unsuspecting corner of the house in case of thieves :-P
I put the one picture I took of yren on my flickr... I hope she likes it!
I think it captures her beauty perfectly :-)

undermytree said...

aww how cute, i too think that's so nice for Yren!
like Fern, Iðunn was in her box and upstairs in the bedroom wardrobe while i was in Berlin, hidden away a little so she wouldn't be found in case of a robbery (not that they are usual in this neighbourhood, but still).
ha! now i just read Monika mentioned "in case of thieves" also, i hadn't read her whole comment when starting to write! ;)

have a lovely vacation Ruth! ♥