Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spinning a Yarn, Yren's Way

This afternoon a package came in the mail from my daughter... It was the most delightful surprise! She just returned from a trip to Ireland, and in this package were all the gifts and souvenirs she bought for us there.

For her brother, there was an envelope of Irish coins for his coin collection, for her Dad there was coffee-flavored fudge and "Guinness" brand golf tees... And for me, a pretty embroidered linen handkerchief, some bookmarks for my collection, and some gorgeous handspun yarn!

I'd been planning to buy my first skein of handspun yarn at the Michigan Fiber Festival last weekend, but I had company during that time and the Festival just wasn't going to work very well as a destination for all of us. We went to the zoo instead, and I didn't mind--the Fiber Festival will happen again next year, and I could wait till then for some handspun.

But thanks to Emily, I don't have to! She bought this lovely lamb's wool at the Castle she was staying at in Markree, where they spin yarn from their own Wensleydale sheep. It was so beautiful, I had to photograph it with my other most beautiful possession, Yren. So even though this blog is not about knitting, I decided to show her with it here anyway.


cureilona said...

I love the last photo the most.

Both of your possessions are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the recent one for the older one... :)

Ilona x o x

Brad Fallon said...

That yarn is the perfect mix of fall colors!