Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yren's birthday portraits

I do love taking close-ups of Yren. She always looks soulful to me, plus close-ups are easier to manage than full-length shots, for which some little detail generally goes awry.

As in this case, the ribbon of her shoulder tie is showing! If I were a photoshop wizard, the ribbon could disappear. But alas, I'm not, nor am I likely to do better if I try the pose again. This is why nudes are easier--nothing that's showing was meant not to be showing!

As I was leaning her against the tree, the idea occurred to me of making some stiffish paper cylinders to slip over her legs (under her long dress). They would prevent her knees from buckling while she poses standing up on occasions when I don't want to use her stand.

We'll see if that idea works as well as another one I had about keeping Yren's wig from slipping: Handitak reusable adhesive, also known as poster putty. A little thin band of it along the back of her hand keeps the wig in place. It's doubly useful for her red wig, as I like that one worn a little further forward than it naturally wants to sit.  

Windy Day
In the Sheltering Forest


undermytree said...

congratulations dear Yren and dear Ruth, from Iðunn and me! what lovely birthday portraits!

Iðunn will also have to wait for her present, fortunately they are pretty patient these ED's! :)


ms. noxy said...

Dear Yren and Ruth,
I cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to see Yren again. I adore these pictures, the last one especially. I'm sorry to hear that you both are not a fan of the ribbon that sticks out in the first picture. I have done my best to make it disappear. A present for you:

Many hugs,

monika viktoria said...

I think one of the most noticeable changes in this past year is how your photographs of Yren have changed, become brilliant, and managed to capture sides of her I am thrilled to see.

Congratulations on having your own ED for a whole year... feels strange to be able to say that, doesn't it??