Saturday, December 18, 2010

Barbie Patterns to Adapt for EDs

Sometimes patterns drafted for Barbies can be adapted quite well to fit Enchanted Dolls, and if you want to explore that possibility you'll want to meet the most amazing designer of Barbie-size clothes there ever has been or will be, Joan Chiara Cigler.

For years she published her designs in needlecraft magazines as well as sold them separately in her huge catalogs and in "Pattern of the Month" series. She's done ethnic regalia for many countries, period costumes, costumes taken from books, movies, celebrity weddings... You'll find gowns a la Madame Pompadour, Marie Antoinette, Guinevere, Scarlet O'Hara, Eliza DooLittle, Joan of Arc, Juliet, all four of the Little Women, Moll Flanders... You can dress ballerinas, nurses, stewardesses, brides--I could just go on and on, because there are hundreds of them and the level of detail on them is amazing.

I have many of Joan's patterns that I ordered directly from her, and many others I was lucky enough to find in old needlework magazines. And now that her new catalogs are available, there's a bunch more I need---Holly Golightly's black dress from "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Princess Grace's wedding gown... 

Want to have a sneak peek of some of Joan's designs? You can find a few illustrations here and here, but these are barely scratching the surface.

Here's the text of Joan's email to her customers from July 2010--just in case I've piqued your interest and you'd like to give her patterns a try, either for Enchanted Dolls or your other favorites:

Hello to all my doll seamstresses friends.....
Just a quick note to let you know that the
doll costume pattern catalogs A and B 
are finally finished and ready to go. 
Over 850 designer original patterns (and articles)
by Joan Chiara Cigler
All patterns by Joan Chiara Cigler are copyrighted. 
Patterns and articles are NOT for copy or resale in any form.
Wonderful World Of Dolls is a copyrighted Trademark.
Patterns to fit Barbie and many sizes of Modern Fashion dolls...including Gene, Tiny Kitty, Tyler Wentworth, Kitty Collier, etc.
Period Portrait Bridal Series...First Ladies of the White House...Americana Series
21 Years of Nation-Of-The-Month Club ethnic costumes
Period and contemporary fashions
Patterns to fit Antique, Reproduction, artist dolls, child, adult, baby, toddler, 
French Fashions, male,
Pincushion, and doll kit Bodies.
Patterns for vintage and repro dolls such as American Girl, Bleuette, Shirley Temple, Ginny, Toni, Wee Patsy, Schoenhut, Riley, Sasha, Margaret O'Brien,
Fisher Price, Ideal, Tonner, Effanbee, Alexander, Mego, Mattel, and so much more. 
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Set of two pattern catalogs (A and B) can be ordered as follows:
  Check or money order for $10.00, payable to:  Joan Cigler
                                                                       Mail to:  138 Arbordale Lane
                                                                        Painesville Twp., Ohio 44077


monika viktoria said...

Oh wow, that bottom pattern looks incredible!! Imagine the dress you could make with that.....

thanks for posting this Ruth! I haven't time now (nor a doll to use as a fit model!) but I definitely want to figure that bottom pattern out, it would be amrvelous!

best wishes to you, dear friend!

Paige said...

Ruth you inspired me to get some barbie patterns. My aunt is going to help me work them to fit my future doll. Thanks for sharing this info.

Classics Revisited said...

Paige, that's wonderful! I hope that you like the patterns and that they adapt well to ED size. Can't wait to see what you and your aunt come up with!

Monika, Fern would be aMAZing in that Flamenco dress, and I am positive Miss Orchid could whip one up!


Anonymous said...

New Post: Just learned that Joan's patterns are again available for sale. I am eager to make a purchase and hope to do that soon. I do need to find a way to contact and chat via email as I am confused as to how to make a purchase. I am lost on this site. I have only the most basic of knowledge on how to use the internet and I am afraid I don't see any place here to contact someone who can help me. Thanx for your kind attention to this matter and I will be watching for a post re: Joan Chiara Cigler's patterns for sale. Best regards, kat

Classics Revisited said...

Hi Kat! It's great that you want to buy some of Joan's patterns-- she is a neat lady and her patterns are first class. I would say the easiest way is to write to her at the Ohio address she lists above. Or you can try her email, . If you already know which patterns you'd like, just let her know and she'll tell you the prices + shipping. Or you can buy her catalogs--they are worth the price. I've treasured mine for years. Please post back and let us know how you come out! :-) Ruth