Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Chair for Yren

At the Nature Conservancy store, I found this funny kind of a new chair for Yren. It's actually meant to display sea shells or geodes, but it displays Yren just as well. At first I couldn't even tell what it was supposed to be.

But once I'd figured it out, it was definitely going home with me! ED size chairs are just irresistible!

So today, finally, we had a chance to try it out for Yren. It looks a little uncomfortable, but she doesn't complain--just presides over the scene with her usual self-possession and calm.

No matter how carefully I set up the full-length shots of her to show off clothes or furniture or whatever, I can never resist making a portrait or two out of them. The better I can see her face, the lovelier she is to me.

The lighter background was much easier to photograph; or, I should say, the photographs came out much better. The ones with the dark background kept coming out over-exposed. I'm guessing that's because there weren't any mid-tones in the picture--some clothes would probably have helped avoid that problem. Poor Yren, being naked she was doubly over-exposed!

But I liked her pose with the dark background so much I couldn't give it up, so I mussed about with the light and dark thresholds a bit; now, at least, she doesn't look radioactive. And you can see her new chair, although it's upside down in this picture. So that gives me a good excuse to include one of the other shots, where it's right side up. At least I presume it is.



Heidi Ann said...

I love her new "chair"! I have one of those that I've owned since the 70's - I used to have around "stained glass" candle on it. Funny that I should see your post, as I was planning to show mine on my blog. I absolutely love the ways you have posed and photographed this beautiful doll.

Classics Revisited said...

Thank you, Heidi! If you post about your chair, I'll be sure to see it. I love your blog and never miss a post!