Saturday, January 21, 2012

Among Her Souvenirs

I took these pictures of Yren for the January Photo Project on the ED forum. I used different effects on Picnik to enhance them.


Amal said...

Oh my goodness, Ruth! That second picture in particular is so purely gorgeous - it made my heart flutter!!! Oh please post these photos in Yren's Photo Gallery thread...they're too good not to share! Unfortunately, it seems the previous photos in that thread are no longer showing up. I'll go back and have a look, cos we MUST reinstate them!!

Amal said...

Ruth, me again! Just wanted to let you know that I re-linked the photos that were previously Vox to flickr instead. Hope that's ok! Also, in looking through your flickr and re-discovering the beauty of Yren, I felt the urge to play with her in Photoshop. I really hope you don't mind!? I put two pics on my flickr but I'll take them down if you prefer? I also shared them on the forum, but I should have asked your permission first. I do hope I haven't upset you... Please let me know if you want me to remove them!
I got ahead of myself in my excitement!
Sorry >_<

Classics Revisited said...

Dear Amal, those pictures are SO cute! I love them! Thank you for playing with them! :-D You are very welcome to do whatever you like with Yren's photos anytime! She sends you hugs.♥♥ Ruth