Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Favorite ED Pose

Part of the reason I love to do this blog is that it gives me pictures of Yren to look at when she can't be with me. I'm my own most frequent visitor! :-)

Next to the "box opening" pictures of Enchanted Dolls, I love "doll in hand" poses the best. It's such an intimate portrait of the relationship between an ED and her person. So today we tried a few; haven't arrived at the definitive portrait of Yren seated in my hand yet--I wanted to be holding her up--but still it's a nice picture to look at, I think. We can always try it again in the spring when we can be outside. These days it's getting down to zero degrees just before sunrise. [Note to self: Next time you try this shot, find a better background than that carpet!]


And this was edited  *trumpet fanfare* on my new monitor! It was kind of touchy there for a few minutes when it looked like the plug of its cable wasn't going to fit. But once I realized there was some sort of adaptor on it and removed it, then everything worked okay, thank heavens! 

I do love playing on the blog, and Yren likes it too, up to a point. When I've been playing with pictures and text too long, though, I hear her calling in a plaintive tone, "Don't we have more dresses to fit? And what about some shoes for me? I have no shoes at all! And if you don't feel like working right now, I still would like out of this box for awhile, you know!"

So I have to go now: you know where, and you know why.When an ED calls, she expects to be obeyed!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long Day for Yren

Heave a sympathetic sigh for a long-suffering Enchanted Doll. Yren has had no fun at all today: she spent it all in unsatisfactory dress fittings.

What are fittings like? Being carried back and forth, endlessly, from box to worktable and back again until she's dizzy and weary too. First the bright lights in her eyes on the worktable, then back to the box again, sans wig, sans covering, sans everything. Fortunately she had her favorite dog Mystery right next to her pillow, and her cozy comforter to rest on--thank Heavens for Noxy sending them to her or she'd have been completely miserable.

Worst of all, no pretty dress at the end of it! Woe is she!

So the least I could do is give her one of the watercolor make-overs she likes so much, and take her picture for a new forum avatar. That cheers her up. So here she is with fresh make-up, and gently but miserably plopped in her box.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh For A Monitor New and True

So I finally had a chance to look at this last picture of Yren on a different monitor. The picture I was so proud of. The picture I thought turned out just right, with the dark background and the cool purple floor.

My monitor at home is old; the whole computer is old. We bought it for my daughter to take to college with her in 2002. We keep beefing up the memory, video card, etc, but you can't beef up this old schlep-top monitor. It displays dark.

So what happens is, I upload pictures from my camera and they look a certain way, and I might tweak them a bit with Picture Manager, but I don't know exactly what they look like until I see them on another monitor, such as on my PC at work.Sometimes they look a little better, this time they look a lot worse.

So now I feel like I've gone all day with my slip showing. No, this is the Internet: I feel like I've been on a trip around the world with a piece of asparagus stuck in my teeth. I was too busy at work to look in on that pic, and there it is looking goofy. Sigh.

Well, this will teach me to save my posts as drafts and not publish them until I have a look at them at work. Fortunately, Emily is giving us a monitor she doesn't need, a practically new one. In fact, it's sitting right here, but I can't hook it up until she sends the power cord, which she forgot to bring.

Bye. I'm headed over to Flickr to push the delete button a few times.

Update 1/16/2010: I decided to drop this picture in, to give myself something else to look at. It has passed the second-monitor test. This was fun because it was an accidental pose--Yren just more or less put her hands that way herself. And people wonder why we think these dolls are real!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Glorious Back of the Dress

Yren says she wants to show off the back of her new "Cocktail Hour" gown from Miss Orchid Couture. But you know these ED girls--is it possible she doesn't suspect how it glorifies her lovely neck, back, and shoulders?

Miss Orchid certainly knows how to make the most of an Enchanted Doll's curves!

This is my first try at photography with a dark background. Elcatka takes such wonderful pictures of her beautiful Selena that way, Yren and I were eager to explore the interplay of  a black background with her flame red dress. The wall here is black, but she is sitting on a dark purple sheet of paper.

Yren says she feels like she is floating on a sunset cloud when she wears this gown. 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Favorite Portrait and a Painting Technique

I'm trying a few more shots of Yren in her Orchid dress... Have not got just the right full length one yet, but I liked this portrait. For some reason portraits are easier to do than the others.

In this picture you can see a certain painting technique of Marina's... Have you noticed how her dolls' eyes seem so realistic and dimensional, as if the doll was really seeing though them? Okay, look at her irises: see the lower white dot, the one that's a little larger than the other one? Now look directly under that dot, on the rim of her lower eyelids. See how there's a matching tiny white dot on the rim? It's nothing you can notice in real life, because the doll's face is so small, relatively; you get the beautiful effect without quite knowing how it's done.

I've spent enough time gazing at Yren to know that she is most beautiful in person, but I love to look at her portraits too because they reveal other dimensions of her beauty.