Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aneemal's Drawing: "Yren's Dream"

Another look at the magnificent drawing that Aneemal did of Yren... We are so thrilled! A copy is going in her scrapbook, but the original will be carefully framed and preserved.

Amal writes, "The drawing was inspired by Yren's backstory... the sea, shipwrecks, being lost at sea. The dress is a bit like the one you made from Biscuitbear's pattern. I didn't want Yren to look distraught... it's a dream, not a nightmare and the jellyfish are there to comfort her. I think the way her dress is billowing around her, she looks like a jellyfish."

It's just a marvel to look at up close: perfect curling curves, fine-grained lines aligning, the sense of volume that silly frilly nothings like floaty dresses and flirty jellyfish might nonetheless possess--see, I wander off into its world when I gaze at it.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

And suddenly, Yren IS blonde!

Thanks to Aneemal, she is. Aneemal sent her *three* new wigs in her Secret Santa present. They all look very cute on her and I'm going to be photographing Yren in them a LOT more. But for now, here's a peek at the one whose photograph I did best on.

So do you see a Courtney Love resemblance, or no?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

If Yren Were Blonde...

...she might look a little like this picture of Courtney Love. Yren's face is a different shape, but somehow the way Courtney's eyes are made up here, and her lip color, make me think of Yren.

Courtney is looking pretty sweet here. In other pictures of her you might find, she wouldn't remind us of darlin' wholesome Yren quite so much!

For those who are curious what Yren would look like with light blonde hair, I'm hoping to be able to show you pretty soon!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Party with Yren

Yren wants to share some Valentine treats with you and to wish you a happy day!

(Can I resist making portraits of my darling? No I cannot.)

A Present from a Stranger

I was leaving work one night, just at twilight, following my usual path down the street to my lot. But at the insistence of the talking pedestrian lights ("Walk light is on across Cedar! Cedar!") I crossed where I don't normally cross and saw a little antique store I don't normally see....

I paused a moment in the warm light of the window, admiring a tray of vintage costume jewelry beautifully arranged. My eye went straight to a tiny little butterfly pin, just the right size for Yren's hair. The storekeeper was just closing up, but she kindly invited me in anyway.

      "I won't keep you now," I told her, "but tomorrow I will come back and buy that sweet little butterfly pin."

      "Which one do you mean?" she asked, smiling. I pointed it out; she promptly reached out for it and put it into my hand.

      "I want you to have it as a present," she said. "It's yours."

Yren likes it very much. Here she is with it in her hair; I think it would look pretty higher up on her head, but I don't want to pierce her wig cap with the pin, so she wears it a little lower. Now that I have this picture up, I'm going to print it to show to the storekeeper.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Photo Project Inspiration

I found this set on Polyvore, which is one of the most fun places to troll for ED ideas ("Edeas"?) I've ever seen. And since they make it so easy to share, here it is!

Лесная сказка

And isn't the back of the dress cute too! Bows Bows Bows!

I'm finding the Valentine's Day theme for the ED forum's photo project to be more than usually exciting. Maybe because my favorite color is pink, and Yren's is red, and here's our chance to play with frou-frou and bling-bling and fol-de-rols and gewgaws and and and furbelows and what-have-yous. And bows. Must have bows! And hearts roses stripes apples cherries rouge parasols and polka dots!

And you want to know what else I think? *Boyfriends* should not in any way be necessary to celebrate a happy Valentines Day. Why should they get to determine whether the day is a success or not? They barely understand it, even the sweetest of them.  This is a *girl's* holiday if there ever was one. Chocolate? Lace? Satin bows? Valentine's Day has got our fingerprints all over it!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Even a Doll Needs a Shopping Cart

Here are some of the shots I took for the January Photo Project on the ED Forum. The session went pretty well, since it was high noon and very sunny that day--the brighter the better, I'm slowly figuring out.

The shopping cart was a fun find... There's a retro candy store downtown, and I saw this yellow shopping cart in the window. The owner has dozens of vintage toys around for display, but those of us who'd love to buy them from her already know they aren't for sale. They're just for lookin' at.

But hey, it didn't hurt to ask, so I asked: "Debbie, you wouldn't consider selling me that cute shopping cart, would you?" She tilted her head, gazing at it, then said finally, "You come in some time with ten dollars, and it's yours." Well! I didn't wait for her to change her mind! I said, "I have ten dollars right now!" and we traded on the spot.

I thought it would be the perfect size for Yren, and sure enough it is. The parts even move--the back of the cart lifts forward, and the bottom rack lifts up. If I were talented at making foodstuffs with polymer clay, I'd make some to put in the cart. Maybe a big baguette, and some fruit, and a box of teensy chocolates... But since I'm all thumbs with polymer clay, we're shopping at fabric stores instead.