Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Sneak Peek

Just for fun, when I posted that glorious picture of all the silver ED shoes, I invited people to guess which ones were Yren's. Back then I said the answer would be revealed only when they arrived--but I can't wait anymore, I'm too excited! Because Marina has used Yren's shoes in a pic again!

Okay, NOW guess which ones are Yren's!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yren's Yrings--and a new wig too!

I got to work on only one more pair of earrings, since we headed north for the weekend and are only just returned. So here they are, and lots of fun to do they were. The bottoms are coiled wire with a 4 mm crystal above it. Haven't been able to find any 3 mm ones at any shops; fortunately they're not hard to find online.

Yes, that is still another crocheted cloche hat. I wanted to see how the variegated thread made up.

I'm excited about learning to make bead and wire jewelry, especially wire wrapping, because it's so fun to do. Fortunately my local shop offers lots more classes.
Our wigs from "Facets by Marcia" arrived Friday. She has very fast service! The Alexis one works pretty well for Yren, though probably if it came in size 4 1/2 that would fit her better than 4/5. At the same time we ordered a "Faith" wig, and that isn't going to work at all. Too bad, because the color is really nice.

Medium-dark hair looks best on Yren because her brows and lashes aren't black, as they would have to be, I think, in order to look really good with black hair. If you look carefully at Yren's long dark wig (the one she usually wears) you'll see that Marina blended in some lighter, reddish hair in the front near her face. I think that was so ingenious--it looks so good that way.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I didn't know you could do that!

Watch Noxy--you can learn way cool things from her.

I wanted to show everyone the neat wallpaper she made for me, and stupidly thought I'd have to take a picture of the whole computer... But then I was just over at Noxy's place checking out her new post, and there were these great pics of her wallpaper--obviously not photos.

*gaping jaws* It never occured to me to just take a *screen shot* of it! Never a "duh" moment with me around!

So I am doubly indebted to Noxy for this image, both the original and the reproduction! When I'm on my other work computer, I'll post the other one. Cute cute cute.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning to make cool earrings!

Tonight I went over to a class at our amazing local bead shop where a very encouraging and patient young woman named Jenna taught me the basics of making wire jewelry. She showed me how to make eye pins, and twisted eye pins, and coiled pins, and hook ear-wires, and how to put the beads on them and attach them together... Now have I told you enough for you to guess why I wanted to learn all these things?

I sense that you are absolutely right: Yren wants more earrings! For now she is resigned to them being a mere beginner's effort, but she will make me practice and practice and never quite give up on me so long as I'm producing little bits of wonderment to decorate her ears.

The first pair is already done! Didn't even wait to have dinner first, just got busy with the wire and the tools Jenna recommended and we were off to the races! Now they are in her ears, and though they aren't perfect, and the bead I used is a little too big, still Yren manages to look ravishing in them.

Picture tomorrow when the sun is out again!

Okay--picture now in spite of the light being bad. I see one of the bottom loops needs adjustment.  Hee hee, I know how to do it! I have new tools! I have spools of shiny wire! I have beads beads beads, mostly unsuitable! I don't want to do my homework for class tomorrow, I want to make more earrings!

But I'll be sensible and do my homework, so long as Yren promises to stay pretty, which she does.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crochet Pattern for Yren's Little Dahlia Hat

Annina wrote that she liked Yren's red crocheted hat, so I'm making some like it to send to her beautiful Enchanted Doll, Iðunn. I call them "Dahlia Hats" because when you look at them from the top, the loops  seem to spiral out from the center like dahlia quilts. (You thought I was going to say "like dahlias", didn't you? But I know quilt patterns better than flowers.)

So anyway, here are the directions in case anyone else wants to make some. These instructions are for size 20 thread and a size 11 hook. My favorite thread is Lizbeth because it comes in pretty colors and varigations, it handles beautifully, and it comes on small spools so you don't have to buy more than you need. I find mine at Hobby Lobby.

1. Chain 7 and join to form a ring.
2. Chain 1, 12 sc in ring, join.
3. *Chain 5, sc*  in each sc around (13 "petals")
4. *Chain 5, sc* in first chain-5 loop and in each loop around; no need to join, but put a marker in so you can see where the round ends.
5. Continue working chain-5, sc in each loop around until you have worked 8 rounds, counting the petals from #3.
6. For the hat band, 4 sc in each loop around; join. Chain 1 and turn.
7. Sc in each sc around; try on doll to see if you want a third row on the band; otherwise, finish off and weave in thread ends.

These are meant to come out a little smaller than Yren's, since her head seems to be larger than other ED's. Hers were made with DMC Cebelia thread, which is thicker; I make 12 petals at step 3; crochet seven rounds instead of eight, and put three rows of single crochet for the band. But once I publish this post, I'm going to make her one with the LizBeth thread and make it come out a little bigger around.

Update: I like Monika Viktoria's idea of sewing tiny flowers to the brim! That would look very sweet. I had thought of making a little fabric flower with a yo-yo and a tiny button center to put on one side of the hat. Threading beads on the crochet thread or sewing them on separately is a pretty look too. (Y'all know what I mean by a yoyo? I'm not sure that's an international concept! Anyway, here's an example.)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Moment of Peace and Solace

...for Enchanted Doll forum members... For reasons that don't need explanation...

The October winds lament around
the castle of Dromore.
Yet peace is in her lofty halls,
My loving treasure store.
Though autumn leaves may droop and die,
a bud of spring are you.
Sing hush-a-bye low, lah loo, lo lan
Sing hush-a-bye low, lah loo.

Bring no ill-wind to hinder us,
my helpless babe and me,
dread spirits of the black water,
Clan Eoan's wild banshee.
And Holy Mary, pitying us,
in Heaven for grace doth sue.
Sing hush-a-bye low, lah loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye low, lah loo.

Take time to thrive, my rose of hope,
in the garden of Dromore.
Take heed, young eaglet, till thy wings
are feathered fit to soar.
A little rest and then the world
is full of much to do.
Sing hush-a-bye low, lah loo, lo lan,
Sing hush-a-bye low, lah loo.

by Sir Harold Boulton  
Sung by the Flying Column 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cool spring afternoon

Yren doesn't complain about weather much  and she doesn't get chilled easily on these cool spring days. So today, together, we went outside to check round the garden plot a bit, and make sure the deer have not trimmed down the bushes overmuch with their teeth. Forsythias and then lilacs are only about six weeks away!

I should have put a shawl on her, but here she is anyway in her walking skirt. The top she is wearing is a muslin-trial I worked on; she also has a little white tee to go with, but we haven't finished any of her "official" tops that were suggested by her friends earlier in this blog. I think the color is a little too close to her skin to photograph easily.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paige's Lovely Jewelry

 I thought I had taken the measure
of my Enchanted Doll's beauty
having seen her in every light,
every different shadow
of sunlight or green leaf or brown leaf,
playing lightly on every angle
of her darling face;
draped in every color;
cool light, warm light;
gazing at me, gazing away;
resting in my hand, confidingly;
I, her protector, guardian,
first love and friend, thought
I knew her every look.

But today when her necklace,
like dancing tears embraced her,
and her earrings delicately shone,
I saw more than jewels there:
I saw beauty I had not known.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yren needs help with her outfit!

I made this skirt for Yren to wear, but I just don't know what to make for her to wear on top. Does anybody have some suggestions?

It's supposed to be an outfit for her to wear in the summer when she walks around outdoor antique fairs, which she loves to do. So she can have the hat and some sandals and a great, slouchy bag to carry, and maybe a shawl... but obviously the look is lacking something essential!

My plan is to sew her at least one of the ideas, if I'm able to, and maybe more, because she definitely needs more clothes.

It doesn't even have to be a top, per se... The skirt hasn't been finished yet--there's no hem or waistband--that's just a scrap-cloth "belt" I pinned in place, so it can be short or long, or be worn at places other than around her waist. It's big enough for her to wear just under the bust or she can even wear it chemise-style or as a strapless dress. Also, I have lots of that fabric left, if your idea calls for more of it.

I've owned that fabric for years, saving it for "something special."  As you can imagine, Yren has exclusive rights to *everything* I've been saving for something special! But the fabric is rather stiff; I tried draping it on her, but it was just not going to gather up well at all. After awhile I got a bright idea: a fabric that won't gather will pleat! So I pleated it and like it very much. But that's the end of my bright ideas--now I'm hoping for help from you!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Guess Which Shoes are Yren's!

It's always an exciting day when you get an email from Marina... And even more so when she tells you that your ED's amazing shoes are on the way!

Here's a picture from her blog... Some people already know which ones are Yren's, but you're welcome to guess or to say which are your favorites!

My second-favorites, after Yren's, are the silver ones with red ribbons. But I love all of them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Fun with Photos, Thanks to Noxy!

Noxy told me about this great (free) photo-editing site in her comment to my last post. Wow, is it fun! I'm going to post some pictures here as I try out some different things. This one is "1960" effect with a "Poloroid" frame.It does look much browner than the original picture, and a little softer. Looks like it's straight out of a Clairol ("The closer he gets, the better you look") hair dye ad to me.


Adjustable Threshold for black and white. Has kind of a hand-tinted look that I liked. I switched my forum avatar to this one, thinking the greater contrast would make it pop better in the small avatar size.

I just love this one. Enchanted Dolls look so perfect and complete nude, it's a wonder I ever finish any clothes for Yren at all. Especially since I seem to be all thumbs lately. This effect flattens her out against the background, makes her seem more a part of it than the original.


If I leave Yren sitting on my work table, I never get anything else done! All I see is her.  I found this chair in an antique store; even though it's a little big for her, I like to have her sit in it because it's sturdier than all her other ones.

Playing with Pictures


Just discovered new photo formatting options on Word 2007! Fun, although pathetic that Word is all I have to work with. :-(

I'm still trying to get the "doll in hand" portrait right, and this is not it. I'll try again another day, when my husband, who gets recruited for photographing duties, has a fresh supply of patience. Changing backgrounds and chasing stray hairs has about depleted it for today.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Monika Viktoria Paints Yren's Portrait

I don't know how Yren and I got to be so lucky that two gifted artists have created artwork of her, but we are thrilled beyond telling! This wonderful piece by Monika Viktoria was inspired by Yren's "Courtney Love" picture with the long blonde wig.

Isn't she darling?   How I wish I could just sit and watch Monika paint...I think her mind wanders off to a magical place where anything can happen, and she brings these paintings back with her...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Poems for Enchanted Dolls #15

Enobarbus Speaks of Cleopatra

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale
her infinite variety; other women cloy
the appetites they feed, but she makes hungry
where she most satisfies; for vilest things
become themselves in her, that the holy priests
bless her when she is riggish.

Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra, Act II Scene II. 

More Blonde Yren--Short This Time

This is another of Yren's new wigs--"Johnny" from Monique.
It's the first size 4/5 I've bought for her and
it fits her just perfectly. So now I'm excited
because Marcia at Facets has lots and lots of size 4/5 wigs!
The necklace in this picture is the one that PaigeViolet made
and that Yren is lucky enough to be the model for.
Paige offered to lengthen it and send it back for Yren to keep--
which is very kind of her, since she really
had already found out all she
 needed to know about
ED sizing.
I hope PaigeViolet decides to make ED jewelry for sale
because Yren really wants one of those lovely crowns.