Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Picture for Amal

...and for anyone else who was wondering what happened to us! Thank you for asking. ♥

Yep, I'm okay...dealing with other matters for a time, but fortunately none of them threatening.  Yren cares nothing at all any of it; she advises me to get back on board her admiration train or risk incurring the expense of repairing her little foot when she breaks it against my behind.

To thank you for your kind thoughts, here is the only present I can send instantly to you: a new picture of Yren. I haven't had any new photo shoots of her, but I do have a picture from the day we met Monika Viktoria in Chicago. (That was a lovely day which will have its own post.) So here is Monika trying her silver shoes on her. I don't have her permission yet to show the whole picture, but if she says it's okay I will post it too. No pressure, though, Monika! We know that you are modest, though beautiful.

One thing I've been managing to do lately is learning to knit. Ever since Silkthread sent me her glorious silk shawl for Yren, and then more recently when Annina knitted scrumptious neckwear for her, I've wanted to knit for her too. But it seemed like a good idea to learn to knit people-size things before trying them at 1/5 scale. I've made scarves, mittens, bags, and baby hats, and am currently embarked upon a sock.

Knitting is a perfect complementary companion hobby for Enchanted Doll lovers. Aside from the sheer pleasure of knitting for them and posing them in the things you make, knitting offers a deeply satisfying shopping component. You may never get to point at a row of Enchanted Dolls and say "I'll take all of them," but in a knitting store the yarn world is your oyster. Here are glorious, soft, beautifully textured threads in color ways that knock your eye out and fibers that caress your skin....Guess what--you can take as many skeins as you can carry right to the counter and the shopkeeper will let you buy them all! You can take them home with you that very day, no waiting. You can put them all on the shelf and just gaze dreamily at them, or cast some on your needles and make something to adorn yourself.  We all need such experiences, especially when something else greatly desired is unavailable.

Yren does not care to hear me talk like this, not one little bit. She prefers to remain at the center of my shopping world, the secret common purpose behind all my charge slips. I shall have to come up with an idea to appease her soon or else paint a permanent frown on her forehead. She was born to be indulged, after all! I'd better get a move on--her foot is starting to look twitchy.