Saturday, March 19, 2011

Role Playing and Dressing Up

So I got this idea for a photo shoot for Yren: dressing and posing her to resemble some of our favorite pictures of Enchanted Dolls on the ED website. Our window of opportunity for picture-taking is about two hours before noon on Saturdays. After noon, the light turns more golden and doesn't photograph so well--or at least I can't make it photograph so well. So we managed to finish only these two.

Yren doesn't have to try very hard to pretend to be Gwendolyn, since that is her "mother" mold. But this other one, in which she impersonates the divine Emerald, made more demands on us. Yren's coloring is different from Emerald's, and she owns a mink rather than a chinchilla, so the color palette had to be different. And then Yren's eyes are focused more off to the side, rather than straight ahead like Emerald's, so that meant her head looked better a little more tilted than in Emerald's photograph.

We had fun with these pics. I'm anxious to try the various "in hand" poses, as I've always been especially fond of those. But then, which of the Gallery pictures have I *not* grown fond of, after gazing at them in rapture so many hours at a time?

One thing I know is true: if you try to imitate Marina's posing of Enchanted Dolls and Chad's photography of them, you are sure to learn a great deal by the experience. There just isn't anyone who can create such beautiful, expressive postures and gestures as their own creator, Marina, or who can make them live in the eye like Chad. I'm in awe of both of them and their work!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yren Says Hello

What has Yren been doing, all this long time?

Well, she has stood patiently while I fitted patterns to her. My idea is to create patterns for people who don't feel they can sew very well but would still like to make something pretty for EDs. Our current project is a simple kimono and an even simpler obi--nothing authentic but just pretty and fun to wear. I tried photographing her in the latest trial of it, but it being after 10 a.m. the light in my sewing room was terrible.

For Christmas, my daughter gave her a very charming bathtub. She's been wanting one for a long time. This one is clear with sparkles and just the right size; it came with sweet-smelling Bath and Body Works products in it, which I now get to use in my own bathtub, so it was a present for both of us.

Also, very exciting for her around Christmas was the arrival of her own official Enchanted Doll "pencil tin" case, with the marvelous ED-formed foam that gently supports and protects her delicate self. She says she feels like she's floating on a cloud.

And this morning she sat for this portrait, which wasn't so pretty at first because of  bad lighting but then we passed it through Picnik and the wizards there made it ever so much better and anyway, I tell her she never takes a bad picture--it is I who does that.

I wasn't going to post the kimono picture but oh well, here it is anyway. Maybe I'll get some better pics Sunday morning, after I've been out shopping for Japanese print fabrics on Saturday. Then they will look extra good by comparison with these!