Friday, December 28, 2012

A Visit to Phixr

Monika Victoria told me about Phixr, another photoediting site, so of course I went right over to have a look at it. Phixr helped me take a picture that I didn't like at all and turn it into one I like very much. This one has had many processes applied to it: first light equalization, then the reds heightened slightly, then Printed Comic, and finally Candlelight.

I'm particularly fascinated with the comic and posterizing processes because of the possibilities they create for needlepoint or cross stitch applications. I would love to preserve Yren with stitches someday!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

At last! A new photoediting toy!

I was so disappointed when Picnik closed down, I stopped taking pictures of Yren. My photos always need editing and there was no more editor! But today I discovered, and it has pretty much all the features I liked about Picnik. So much fun!

This one has been darkened with the shadows/highlighting tool, and then "underpainted."

Yren, shadowed and underpainted by